Vkleather, Real leather products and fashion accessories are pure and authentic. If you are tied of fake and imitation leather products from around the world like I am, then welcome to the real thing.
Vkleather products are designed and custom made by skilled Nigerian craftsmen using the latest equipment in leather works. It is the first attempt at home in Nigeria to move Nigerian raw leather to compete in the world fashion market.

Vkleather products come in trendy designs such that no two products are quite the same. They are made to the HIGHEST international standard. Your Vkleather Product is unique because no one in the world has the same as yours. It is produced and individually crafted to look and feel different in recognition of your individual style and taste.

You will find Vkleather brand in the best shops around the world, side by side with the world best brands in leather works. Belts, men and ladies shoes, sandals, slippers, phone pouches, folders, fashion bags, conference bags, clutch bags, wallets, key fobs and so much more are all within the Vkleather range.

Nigeria has been the supplier of the world best raw leather. Now, with Vkleather, Nigeria has become one of the world manufacturers of genuine leather products. The goose has come home to roost.

Order Vkleather ONLY if you want the world best leather products crafted in the home of animal hides and skin. You will also be promoting local manufacturing when you buy Vkleather products.

Welcome to VkLeather World.

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